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Architectural Decision Log

This log lists the architectural decisions for Compliant Kubernetes.

  • ADR-0000 - Use Markdown Architectural Decision Records
  • ADR-0001 - Use Rook for Storage Orchestrator
  • ADR-0002 - Use Kubespray for Cluster Life-cycle
  • ADR-0003 - Push Metrics via InfluxDB
  • ADR-0004 - Plan for Usage without Wrapper Scripts
  • ADR-0005 - Use Individual SSH Keys
  • ADR-0006 - Use Standard Kubeconfig Mechanisms
  • ADR-0007 - Make Monitoring Forwarders Storage Independent
  • ADR-0008 - Use HostNetwork or LoadBalancer for Ingress
  • ADR-0009 - Use ClusterIssuers for LetsEncrypt
  • ADR-0010 - Run managed services in workload cluster
  • ADR-0011 - Let upstream projects handle CRDs
  • ADR-0012 - Do not persist Dex
  • ADR-0013 - Configure Alerts in On-call Management Tool (e.g., Opsgenie)
  • ADR-0014 - Use bats for testing bash wrappers
  • ADR-0015 - We believe in community-driven open source
  • ADR-0016 - gid=0 is okay, but not by default

For new ADRs, please use as basis. More information on MADR is available at General information about architectural decision records is available at

Index Regeneration


Run make -C docs/adr